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Prosecution for Sunday Labour, 1908

November 6, 2008

Union Conference Record, Australasian, November 23, 1908

MOST of our readers no doubt are aware of the fact that three of our school family received a summons for Sunday labour. It was with much interest that we all looked forward to the day appointed for the investigation, which was October 20.

Quite a large number of our people congregated on that day at the court house, which was hardly able to accommodate all present. The little township of Cambridge was quite stirred up over the matter, and manifested unusual interest in the court proceedings.

Brethren Stirling, James, Smith, and at the close Brother Cobb, were all called upon in turn to answer the accusation, and all spoke ably and to the point, their only wish being to present the truth upon the Sabbath question, and to give as much as possible of the principles of religious liberty, to those present. Brother Cobb spoke quite at length upon the latter topic, and was listened to patiently and courteously. The magistrate asked if we could not in the future while working on Sunday, do so in a less conspicuous place, so as not to break the law of the land, which says that no work must be done ” within sight of a public place.” This our brethren will endeavour to remember in the future, as the farm is large and certainly not all lying in sight of the public road.

We trust that this little occasion will bear fruit to the glory of God, and when severer trials come, as they most surely will, our first and only thought will be, as stated above, to give a “reason of the hope that is within us.”

—New Zealand Messenger.