Scarlet Fever and Meeting Bans, 1895

Published: January 14, 1895
Copyright © The New York Times

Fined the Pastor $5O.

OYSTER BAY, January 16.—The Rev. Charles S. Wightman, pastor of the Baptist Church, was fined $50 this afternoon for holding a prayer-meeting at his church last Friday and evening services last Sunday in defiance of an order of the Board of Health of this town. He was warned twice by the Board of Health not to hold services in his church while scarlet fever was epidemic in the town. He paid no
attention to the notification.

When he appeared before the Board of Health this afternoon the charge was read to him. Mr. Wightman replied by denying the authority of the Board to discipline him for holding religious services,
and said the Constitution of the United States protected him in the right of holding free services.

The Rev. J. J. Crowley, pastor of the Roman’Catholic-Church, who also held services last Sunday in spite of the order, has been summoned to appear before the Board at Hicksville, on Saturday afternoon, to answer to a similar charge. He pleads ignorance of the order of the Board.

—N. Y. Sun, Jan. 17, 1895.


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